Stones of Remembrance in St. Pölten

As of November 2020, we know the names of 1,045 persons in the vicinity of the IKG St. Pölten who were persecuted between 1938 and 1945 on the basis of the "Nuremberg Race Laws". 577 of these persons lived in the area of the IKG St. Pölten in March 1938, of these 321 were murdered in the Shoah, 214 were able to escape, for 42 others the fate is unknown. For 168 other persons, we cannot determine beyond doubt whether they were on site in March 1938. Of these, 50 people were murdered, 58 were able to escape. Of the remaining 60 people, the fate is uncertain. Another 301 people, primarily children of St. Pölten Jews, no longer lived in St. Pölten during the Anschluss, but appear in the Memorbuch due to family ties. 135 of them became victims of persecution, 134 were able to escape and further information is missing about 32 persons.

In the commemoration year 2018, in cooperation with the city of St. Pölten, we started to place Stones of Remembrance for these people as a sign of individual remembrance and to mark the 30th anniversary of the Injoest. The 18x18cm large brass plates with names, women's birth name, date of birth, date of deportation and where ascertainable date of death will be placed on the sidewalk in front of the last voluntary address. We would like to thank the Viennese association Stones of Remembrance for its expertise and support!

The stones are set every year, the aim is to set stones of remembrance at all about 80 addresses in St. Pölten and others in all places of residence in the catchment area of the former religious community. In the meantime (as of October 2020) 32 stones have been set for 68 people at 26 addresses. In addition, in memory of the architect of the synagogue (St. Pölten) Theodor Schreier and his wife Anna, a memorial plaque was placed at the synagogue (St. Pölten).

A list of the stones set so far can be found on the German version of this page. Please use the language setting button to switch.


Foto by Bernadette Dewald

Support the Stones of Remembrance

  • Through financial sponsorship (IBAN:  AT87 2025 6000 0005 6655, BIC: SPSPAT21, intended use: Stones of Remembrance)
  • Regular cleaning of plates in your vicinity, reporting of damage
  • By suggestion of stone setting in the smaller towns at the responsible municipality; you will find the addresses in the index of names of the online memorandum book.


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