After the downfall of the Nazi regime, some Jewish families returned to St. Pölten, but it quickly became clear that they saw no future in their old homeland. Too much had happened, responsibility was negated. The Jews of St. Pölten felt strange and above all undesirable. Only three families remained, all others emigrated.

During wartime Jews from St. Pölten moved to Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, the Belgian Congo, Shanghai, and of course Palestine / Israel and the USA.

For many, the memories were too painful to return to St. Pölten and also an invitation was lacking. Only in 1998 in the course of the opening of the exhibition "...there were many pleasant people there" the city could finally be convinced to pronounce such an event. Nearly 50 displaced persons and their descendants followed the invitation. 92 people attended the second meeting in 2016.

In the future, we want to facilitate exchanges in addition to meetings on this platform and thus provide a space for a digital community.