13th Century

Jewish settlements in Lower Austria. Numerous communities emerge, amongst them significant ones in Vienna, Krems and Wiener Neustadt.


Rabbis verifiable in Wien and Wiener Neustadt 

1st Juli 1244

Privilege duke Friedrichs II. for the Jews in the duchy of Austria


oldest preserved tombstone (Wiener Neustadt)


Privilege by P?emysl Otakar for the Jews in the duchy of Austria


first mention of a "Judenrichter" (= Christian official, who is responsible for disputes between Jews and Christians) in Krems


Privilege by Rudolfs from Habsburg for the Jews in the duchy of Austria , first mention of a tax for Jews (Laa an der Thaya)


Accusation of ritual murder against Jews in Krems

cc. 1300-1325

Construction of the synagogues in Mödling, Tulln, Korneuburg


persecution of Jews after an alleged host desecration in Korneuburg


Emperor Ludwig der Bayer enfeoffs the Habsburgs with a "Judenregal"


persecution of Jews destruction of several jewish rural communities after an alleged host desecration in Pulkau


Pestpogromes in Krems

ca. 1370-1375

Construction of the synagogues in Bruck an der Leitha und Mödling


New Privileges for Jews by the Habsburger for the duchy of Austria


Kremser Ketubba


„Wiener Gesera“: Murder or Expulsion from Jews who lived in Vienna and Lower Austria by duke Albrecht V.


Expulsion of Jews from Styria, including the Jews from Wiener Neustadt and Neunkirchen

Since cc. 1600

New Settlement of Jews in Vienna and Lower Austria - several rural communities arise


Second Expulsion out of Vienna and Lower Austria. After a few years a resettlement in Vienna is permitted, but the establishment of Kehilots is prohibbited


Edict of Tolerance by Josefs II.: The prohibition of resettlement in Lower Austria was loosen: Jews were allowed to settle, if the build a factory or have a "nützliches Gewerbe" (useful business)


Bourgeois Revolution: in the wake of the revolution improving the bourgeois rights of the Jews. Immigration to Lower Austria mainly from Bohemia, Moravia and (western) Hungary (Burgenland)


First Jewish Communities arise in Krems, St. Pölten, Kemmelbach, Wiener Neustadt and Sechshaus (today Vienna)


December-Constitution: brings the final legal equality


Jewish Laws (Law for the Jews) sets up a uniform legal basis and regulates the external legal relations of the IKG in the Austrian imperial realm


last arise of Jewish Communities

12nd/13rd March 1938

"Anschluss": and "Anschluss"pogromes. Nazis organize „Reibpartien“ and „Putzkolonnen“

Summer 1938

"Aryanization" are pushed forward, the expulsion forced

9th/10th November 1938

"Novemberpogroms": Synagoges and Shils were destroyed


„judenfrei“: the last Jews have to leave Lower Austria. The IKG were closed and incooperated in the IKG Vienna

Seit 1945

Attempts of community foundations in Lower Austria fail. The IKG Vienna is be the legal successor to the exterminated communities. The only community-like Jewish organization in Lower Austria today is the Synagogue Association in Baden near Vienna.

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