28th September 1298

first mention of a Jew in St. Pölten

6-9 June 1305

Abraham und Paltram from St. Pölten, first namely known Jews in St. Pölten


persecution of Jews: by the people of St. Pölten after an alleged host desecration


St. Pöltens is mentioned on a list of "Blutorte" (places of blood), affected by the persecution of Jews in Pulkau 

9th September 1338

Municipal Law: Albrecht II., bishop from Passau, acquires St. Pölten a municipal law, containing regulations on Jewish loans; but a jewish life is not verifiable at this time


„Wiener Gesera“: Murder or Expulsion from Jews who lived in Vienna and Lower Austria by duke Albrecht V.

Cc. 1600

Resettlement: from Jews in Vienna and Lower Austria; several small Jewish Communities, but not in St. Pölten


Second Expulsion from Vienna and Lower Austria


Prohibition of Settlement for the city of St. Pölten


Edict of Tolerance by Josef II.: The prohibition of resettlement in Lower Austria was loosen: Jews were allowed to settle, if the build a factory or have a "nützliches Gewerbe" (useful business)


Residence of wandering traders and Nathan Wiener tries to buy a factory


Bourgeois Revolution: in the wake of the revolution improving the bourgeois rights of the Jews.

16th February 1851

Shil in the Kattunmanufactory von Nathan Wiener (to be Gasser-factory) is accepted by the regional administration


Confirmation of the Status of a community-like organization, employment of a religious teacher

28th April 1857

Application for foundingof a IKG for the territory of the regional administration St. Pölten, Lilienfeld, Melk and Hietzing-surrounding

2nd Mai 1859

Founding of the old Jewish Cemetery in Teufelhoferstraße (todays: Pernerstorferplatz)  


Statutes of the „Israelitischen Religionsgenossenschaft“ in St. Pölten confirmed by the authorities


Conversion of the Gasser factory to the (old) Synagogue at Schulpromenade 22 (today: Dr. Karl Renner-Promenade)


Founding of the IKG St. Pölten: The IKG St. Pölten with approx. 1000 members comprises the districts St. Pölten and Lilienfeld as well as the court districts of Hainfeld, Herzogenburg, Kirchberg a.d. Pielach, Melk, Neulengbach and Purkersdorf (including Hadersdorf-Weidlingau).


Founding of the Chewra Kadisha St. Pölten


Women´s Charity, was registered, which already existed before


Jewish Literature Club was founded by Rabbi Dr. Adolf Aron Schächter


Enclosure of the new Cemetery at Karlstettner-Straße 3


Temple Building Association St. Pölten was established


Construction of the new Synagogue at the eastern wall of the old Synagogue

17th August 1913

Inaugurationof the new Synagogue

beginning of the 1920ies

Foundation of Betar St. Pöltenas a union of Zionist with the aim of conveying Jewish immigrants to Zionist ideology and to Jewish children and young people and making them emigrate to Erez Israel ( at that time Palestine)


Sports club Makkabi was founded as answer to the increasing anti-semitism


Zionist Regional Association for Austria St. Pölten constituted


Union of German-Austrian Jews in Vienna chapter St. Pölten founded


Jewish Youth League chapter St. Pölten established


Brith Trumpeldor St. Pölten constituted


Zionist Women´s Association chapter St. Pölten registered

January 1935

Association of Jewish Front Line Soldiers and Women's Group were founded in St. Pölten


New-zionist Organisation Austria Ortsgruppe St. Pölten constituted

12nd March 1938

„Anschluss“: Nazis organized „Reibpartien“.

9th/10th November 1938

Novemberpogrom: the interieur of the Synagogue was destroyed


„judenfrei“: The last Jews had to leave St. Pölten. The IKG was dissolved and integrated into the IKG Vienna.


no new community founding


Only a few families return home from emigration. Approximately 477 members of the community were murdered in the Shoa.

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