New Cemetery

Erection/Date: 1906 inauguration
Time of National Socialism: 1938 destruction of tombstones; 1945 damage by wartime events
Restitution: 1949 start of negotiations; 1954 restitution to the IKG Wien as legal successor of the IKG St. Pölten
Renovation: 1951 setting up of tombstones by the municipality of St. Pölten; costs are covered by the IKG. 1996 restoration by the association "Shalom", since then upkeep by the municipality and occasionally by pupils
Adresse: Karlstettner Straße 3


In 1906, the new cemetery (including a ceremonial hall) was opened next to the area of the municipal cemetery at Karlstettner Straße. In 1939 National Socialists destroyed parts of the tombstones.


In 1996, the association "Shalom" had the desolate cemetery renovated; since then it has been maintained by the municipality. In 2000, the capacitation of the ceremonial hall, which was financially supported by public and private donors, was initiated. In 2001 and in accordance with the Washington Agreement, the Republic of Austria committed itself to the restoration and partly conservation of Jewish cemeteries; in 2012, a federal law was passed for this purpose. Currently, St. Pölten’s cemetery is not "shortlisted" for renovation.

Register of decedents

In the register you can find the names and dates - as written on the tombstones - of the deceased. The arrangement is based on the order of the graves. For a more detailed view, please choose _graves_ from the menu on the right side.