Time of National Socialism

The "Section for Relief and Emigration"
The largest part of the Jewish population of St. Pölten lost their subsistence. In order to help those in need, the Religious Community set up the »Section for Relief and Emigration« which supported emigrants by providing them with required letters of confirmation and by attempting to support them financially.

Consultant therefore was Hermann Schwarz. For the "Welfare Mission 1938" 29 Jews made financial contributions between two and thirty Reichsmark (RM) even though they were themselves in difficult financial situations. These amounts were put at the IKG’s disposal either on a monthly basis or as a one-time lump amount depending on the financial abilities of the respective person. Due to the general plight this was a special accomplishment. The Relief Section also received subsidies from the IKG Vienna. 

Altogether, the cardboard-box number 3 of the municipal archive St. Pölten contains fifty applications for endorsement. Most of the impoverished Jews did not get together enough money for the flight and were deported and murdered. Some of them – an example is Franz Mandl – managed to escape to liberty with the granted amount.

The widow Josefine Tachau had to look after three little children. After the "Anschluss" she lost all welfare payments as well as her employment at a Jewish household. On June 9th, 1938 she approached the Relief Section requesting help as she would otherwise "be forced to commit an act of desperation". The mother and presumably also the children were deported to Opole in February 1941.

In some cases, the Relief Section was able to save lives. Fritz Bondy, who upon order of the Gestapo had to leave the territory of the German Reich within fourteen days, requested IKG support amounting to "at least RM 50,– so that I am in the position to follow the order of Secret State Police and am spared the aftermath." On September 11th, 1938, the IKG granted him the saving amount of RM 20,– and three days later Fritz Bondy gave notice of departure to France.