Old Synagogue

Erection/Date: 1885
People: 1907 Foundation of a Temple Erection Association (Tempelbauverein): Rabbiner Dr. Schächter (chairman), Bernhard and Julius Kohn, Sig­mund Allina, Richard Lustig, Sa­muel Gelb and Rudolf Frank.
Building history: since 1888 efforts for a new house of prayer; until 1913: Synagogue at this location
Address: Schulpromenade (today: Dr Karl Renner-Promenade)


Initially, the Jews in St. Pölten held their service in a room of the former Gasser factory which had been fitted to that use. From 1885 till 1913 a building at Schulpromenade (today’s Dr. Karl Renner Promenade, west of the current location) was used as synagogue. 

From 1888 onwards, the Israelite Religious Community had been aiming at building a new house of prayer; on April 7th, 1907 a "Temple Erection Association" was set up. Start of construction was on June 20th, 1912 according to the design concept of the architects Theodorf Schreier and Viktor Postelberg. On August 17th, 1913, the eve of the emperor’s birthday, the new Synagogue was solemnly inaugurated.